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Why lighting is important?

21 Collection by BOCCI is a unique shape design of thin porcelain skin wrapped around blown-ground-borosilicate glass diffusers available in individual piece or cluster to enhances any environment

Lighting can have a direct impact on...

Your mood, vision & productivity : favor brighter powers for study or reading purpose VS dimmed lights/low power for relaxing spaces to create a soothing effect.

Your desirability to a space : people are attracted to well-lighted facilities.

Your interior design : lighting is the biggest aesthetic influence on your furniture, wall colors and home décors, on which you’ve invested so much.

Lighting is also another way to express yourself and create an identity

Use lighting as an accessory to your space, as a piece of art or as a jewelry : to add a sparkle, a matching color piece to your Interior Design or a central focus point in the room.

Choose a unique lighting to portray your identity : among so many different shapes, colors, textures and functions.


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