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Tango Floor light LED 3000K LUCEPLAN

5,988.00 AED

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An innovative floor lamp for indirect lighting, the Tango Floor Light was designed by Argentine designer Francisco Gomez Paz, who gave it a dynamic posture of variable geometry that, through a simple gesture, allows the user to gently adjust the beam direction.

Mounted on a triangular steel base, the jointed structure of the lamp composed of three mobile aluminium shafts with elastomer joints nimbly lends itself to a fluid mechanical torsion movement generated at the height of the middle part of the shafts. A movement that is propagated up to the top of the lamp, or at the position of the reflector, which is also triangular, setting its angle and making it possible to direct the light where it is needed with respect to the standard initial position, in which the beam is aimed upward, and the position of arrival, in which it is directed towards the wall.
Outfitted with linear LEDs, the reflector of the lamp contains the electronic circuitry and emits diffused, homogeneous light thanks to the screens in molded methacrylate. The on/off switch and sensor dimmer are placed near the upper part of one of the three shafts that support the lamp’s reflector.

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Safety Standards

CE, Classe II, F, IP20




Francisco Gomez-Paz


Bulb Type


Bulb Power

35 Watts


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