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Skynest Suspension Brick Red FLOS

16,000.00 AED

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The dome is made up of both light and dark components that are grouped into a network and are composed of core structures that are coated in a fine, colourful tubular mesh made of recycled and recyclable polyester fabric. The top of the dome’s specific micro-connectors provide electricity to each and every luminous component, which is coated in a two-tone mesh with the side facing the interior of the dome always being white to allow for the best possible light emission from the LED module. The appliance has a built-in balancing system that adjusts its balance and makes it completely stable. It is located at the top of the dome.

An aluminium ring that completes the dome’s bottom holds the network structure of the dome in place using a straightforward snap-fit technique. To ensure that it may be completely detached for recycling in the future and in the event of repairs or replacements, the product is assembled with zero adhesive. Blue tourmaline, almond, anthracite, or brick red are the lamp finishes that are offered. With built-in electronics that enable the use of various dimmer systems, the lamp’s finish-matched plastic ceiling rose: DALI, PUSH, 0-10V, 1-10V.

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Safety Standards

CE, IP 20




Marcel Wanders

Bulb Type

LED Integrated

Bulb Power

LED 78W 2700K 1932Lm CRI 95


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