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Sky-Fall Pendant Light Medium Chrome LODES

4,140.00 AED

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Unusual shapes.
In Sky-Fall, wine lovers will find the shapes of a luxurious decanter like those used to serve quality wine. It is true that the shape of this suspension is unusual and very elegant. Furthermore, the LED technology used is innovative and well thought out to the last detail, not just the design. As a result, the Lodes cannot be compared to any other lamp.

Surprisingly elegant
Lodes is known for its pursuit of the perfect balance between form, quality, function and technology. The Sky-Fall is no exception. With its blown glass finish, this suspension radiates both elegance and luxury. A design that is sure to catch the eye. Sky-Fall is available in a variety of colours, including crystal, chrome, shiny metal, and rose gold.

Playing with light intensity
There are many types of interior styles that can be matched with the Sky-Fall. Above the dining room table or in the stairwell, it is particularly elegant. This lamp exudes a sense of serenity despite its refined design. Sky-Fall lamps can also be hung in a cluster. With the dimmer function, you can play with the light intensity and use it as basic lighting or mood lighting.

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Safety Standards

CE, IP20




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