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Singapour Pendant Light ML Nude MARKET SET

1,575.00 AED

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Market Set’s Singapour lamps are an aesthetic and feminine series of lamps with superb architectural compositions. It is true that these Asian-inspired Singapour lamps will bring a touch of colour and elegance to any interior, whether it be private or public.

Market Set’s Singapour series of lamps comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but all follow the general theme of Asian-inspired, pastel-colored lamps. Thanks to this variety of sizes, styles and applications, the Singapour is an incredibly versatile lamp that can be used in any interior. In addition, this flexibility allows different Singapore light combinations to be arranged that work well together.

The Market Set Singapour suspension lamp has a painted black finish metal ceiling base with a Washed linen shade and a cane work shade. The Singapour ML pendant lamp comes with a removable cover on the top of the shade.

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CE, IP20




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