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Satelise Pendant Light Ø110 Naturel FORESTIER

3,360.00 AED

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The Satelise Pendant Light from Forestier offers a coastal, contemporary vibe that is unlike any other fixture. Elise Fouin’s design sends a single cable down to a metal housing holding a single socket, which is surrounded by a dome made of overlapping rattan strands. Rattan gives the fixture a tasteful natural note while creating a coherent shape with plenty of gaps for ambient light to shine through.

Protecting the core values of the past while embracing the future. The adventures of Bernard Forestier sprang from his love for French garden styles and was inspired by a topiary. His love of beautiful things was matched only by his love of materials. With this creative spirit, botanical arts were introduced into the home, along with creation of woven metal wire items to present new designs that were always lightweight and well-structured; blending poetry with humor. Forestier gained a reputation for preserving nature and art by providing an elegant balance between design and nature, showcasing raw materials and authentic craftsmanship. After Bernard Forestier’s death, the company changed its direction ten years after being founded. The company began focusing more on luxury and natural items. Shapes became increasingly sophisticated. A greater focus was placed on lighting and color without sacrificing that distinctive quality conveyed by the craftsmen. We wanted to forge the future without renouncing the past; to enhance the brand’s identity and power by identifying its unique place while also searching for new routes. Forestier successfully reinvented itself as a creative and poetic brand, with design, nature and raw materials as its watchwords.

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Safety Standards

CE, IP20




Elise Fouin


Bulb Type


Bulb Power

60 Watts


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