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Sans Tablette Papillon Wall/Ceiling Light XS Pink Copper FORESTIER

1,380.00 AED

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Papillon Wall Sconce from Forestier is a modern, clean creation from designer Elise Fouin that brings natural beauty and grace to a space. It is mounted directly to the wall and is composed of a stem-like body, a multilayered shade made up of thin metal lines, and an image of a hanging flower. An individual bulb sits in the center and emits a bright glow that envelops the room evenly.

Preserving the values of the past and embracing those of the future. A topiary provided the inspiration for Bernard Forestier’s adventure inspired by his love of gardens in the French style. Beautiful things were only matched by his love of the materials he worked with. The creative spirit was in opposition to existing traditions and saw the botanical arts being brought into the home, as well as creating new woven metal wire items using poetry and humor in all their forms. With time, Forestier became known for its efforts to create a fragile balance between nature and design, including its pure styling and use of authentic, raw materials enhanced by the work of craftsmen. After Bernard Forestier’s death, the company changed direction ten years after its founding. With the change in priorities, the company began to focus increasingly on luxury and natural products. Shapes became increasingly sophisticated, with a greater focus on lighting and color without losing that distinctive quality conveyed by skilled craftsmen. A major challenge was to look to the future without ignoring the past. It was to acknowledge the brand’s unique place while also exploring new directions. Throughout its history, Forestier has reinvented itself as a creative and poetic brand, with design, nature, and raw materials as its watchwords.

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