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Rituals 3 Wall/Ceiling Light FOSCARINI

2,064.00 AED

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Different and complementary at the same time, balanced between East and West.

Rice paper or mulberry bark, raw material for Japanese lamps, is translated in the beautiful appearance of blown and satin glass to create a range of lamps that bring a soothing ambience to any setting.

Lines representing the surface of the lamps provide a soft and fascinating decoration, but at the same time filter the intensity of the light source, diffusing a full, warm, and soft light into the environment.

Featuring a body in blown glass with a clean, chaste look, the lamp is suspended on three feet of metal: a very characteristic element that makes the lamp appear suspended.

On a bedside table, a console, a table or on the ground: for an area dedicated to relaxation or as lamps of meditation, they illuminate with wisdom both the world in which we live and the one within.

For composition with multiple finial select desired references of the product Without finial + finial Múltiple.

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CE, IP20




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