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Macchina Della Luce D CATELLANI & SMITH

20,160.00 AED

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Macchina della Luce D is a simple, original and sophisticated suspension that consists of five superimposed discs Aluminium covered with gold leaves that have applied by hand. Macchina della Luce D will not go unnoticed on or off in the room where it will be placed. The splendid irregular texture of the 5 discs differ Macchina della Luce sizes D plays with light as well as reflections. Macchina della Luce D is available in two versions: LED and halogen. Macchina della Luce D uses for version G4 halogen bulb 14 Watts, 6 GY6,35 bulbs 60 Watts and 50 Watts GY6,35 bulb included. when buying with a toroidal transformer at low voltage. And the LED version: 28 G4 LED bulbs 3 Watts each, not included. when buying with 2 transformers for low voltage LED bulbs. La Macchina della Luce collection will surprise you with its beautiful suspensions include: Machhina della Luce A, Macchina della Luce C Macchina della Luce Luce della Macchina D and E. * 300cm rods available on request

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Safety Standards

CE, Classe I, IP20




Bulb Type


Bulb Power

6 Watts X 10


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