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Lucilleno Design Wall Light NT INGO MAURER

1,613.46 AED

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Beautiful light sculpture, NT applies Lucellino Manufacturer Ingo Maurer is a lamp in the shape of a bird takes off, pure and very graphic, which owes its name thanks to the merger of two Italian words, Luce means light and uccellino means little bird. Applies Lucellino NT Ingo Maurer, diffuses a warm and harmonious atmosphere, consists of a low voltage halogen lamp decorated with goose feather handmade which adds a touch of elegance and sensitivity to any interior. Applies Lucellino NT Ingo Maurer can be placed on every wall of the house, whether in the living room, the dining room or at the entrance, it will bring a touch of magic to your home. Lucellino NT applies Ingo Maurer is available in white goose feather finish with brass clip. Applies Lucellino NT Ingo Maurer uses a halogen bulb 24V low voltage E27 max 35 watt (bulb included when purchasing the applicable) and a replacement bulb also comes with an integrated transformer. The Birds collection of Ingo Maurer offers a light bulb, a wall and a suspension.

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Safety Standards

CE, Classe II, F, IP20




Ingo Maurer

Bulb Type


Bulb Power

1,5 W


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