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Linea Neon Wall/Ceiling Light Fuchsia SELETTI

499.98 AED

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They’re fun, funky, and a great way to spruce up your living space. Illuminated neon tubes can be arranged in a variety of ways, either singularly or multiples, to great effect. With your creativity, you may be able to use one light fitting for three different purposes.

This statement piece of lighting is 1400mm long and can be used in a variety of settings within the home or business.

It has a hanging loop for easy installation.
Featuring natural wood tops with faux leather loops, these lightweight Tube Lights are portable and durable. You can hang the light from this loop quickly and easily; a decorative nail or hook attached to the wall is a simple and effective way to install the light.

Installs on the Wall with Clips
Clear acrylic wall clips are included to keep the tube securely attached to the wall.

Use on the floor with the optional stand.
The tubular lamp can be used in two ways as a floor light. You can either use a wooden cross floor base (sold separately) to ensure that the tube stands perfectly upright, or simply place it on the floor. To accomplish this, you would need to remove the plug, feed the cable through the base, and re-wire the plug.

Choose from five fresh and exciting colours: white, blue, yellow, red or pink. They all have a wooden top and bottom.

Ideal for illumination in the home (teenager’s bedrooms, as a funky bar light, underneath a sofa to provide ambient light) or in a commercial environment (restaurant, bar, club, clothing store). Also ideal for children’s play areas, as it provides an interesting light display when used in multiple colors.

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Safety Standards

CE, IP20




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