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Eau de Lumière Chandelier 4 Medium Rectangle Black and Gold – Natural Oak DESIGNHEURE

17,496.00 AED

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This classical chandelier is available as a medium rectangle or large square with a central power supply.
Luster adjustable in height and width. Rectangular versions are especially recommended above tables.
The metal structure, adorned with fabric, houses an integrated LED system, enclosed by a refined lateral strip. Solid finish material is available in either white Carrara marble or real wood oak.

‘‘ Eau de lumière ’’, a tribute to the world of perfume.
Designer Davide Oppizzi’s ”Eau de lumière” concept takes its inspiration from the world of luxury perfume. It was designed from a sculptural point of view to represent the iconic shape of a perfume bottle and to extract its essence and subtlety, playing with full volume and hairlines that reflect light.

A light for HER and HIM
Design work was focused on masculine and feminine forms, with curves or angles, in different sizes, and matching them together with noble materials such as wood, marble, and fabrics to make a comprehensive and rich collection. Shapes, materials, and colors all work together to maintain an atmosphere of homogeneity while retaining a distinct personality. The collection comes in different sizes and shapes.

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CE, IP20




Davide Oppizzi


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