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Bougeoir Luna Table Light 17cm Gold CATELLANI & SMITH

990.00 AED

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With the Luna Tavolo table lamp, ancient myths and meaningful symbols are conjured up: delicate, elegant, and effective. As a tribute to the circle, the Luna Tavolo is a unique lamp that echoes old traditions while also making no secret of its modern design. The Catellani & Smith Luna Tavolo enables Enzo Catellani to move away from geometric abstractions, characteristic of many of his compositions, and towards symbolic interpretations. Luna lamp combines three essential elements: a waxed steel plate, eleven centimeters on one side, serves as a base for the candle, and defines a square shape whose geometry contrasts with a round reflector covered with fine gold, silver, or copper leaf, whose fire magic cannot help but obsess the viewer. In addition to being a reminder of the homes of our ancestors, this luminous object also serves as a new interpretation of mythologies from the past, a warm one that is also sober.

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CE, IP20




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