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Blom Table Light Yellow FONTANA ARTE

875.00 AED

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Blom is a small table lamp designed by Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik, who is known internationally for his ability to bring emotions, appeal and ideas to common objects. With a diameter of 15 cm and a height of 24 cm, Blom is a light, fun lamp that is easy to move and can be used for any purpose. Its name, a contraction of the word blomst, which in Norwegian means flower, comes from the way its blades are shaped like petals. It is possible to adjust the intensity with the two petals that gently embrace the diffuser, rotating on the base to shield the glare according to personal preference: when the petals are aligned the lamp emits maximum light. Compact fluorescent bulbs provide good lighting with low energy consumption. While the metal base ensures stability, the polycarbonate petals maintain a temperature that permits touching without risk of burning when lit. Blom is an article that suits contemporary living trends, at home on a table in the living room or even by the bedside.

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Safety Standards

CE, Classe II, F, IP20




Andreas Engesvik

Bulb Type


Bulb Power

11 W


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