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Antenna Table Light Ø34cm Metal Taupe FORESTIER

2,100.00 AED

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Antenna Table Lamp from Forestier combines natural notes with a solid construction. Arik Levy’s design starts with extending a fabric cord with a simple switch to a smooth metal cylinder that doubles as a base and housing for a single socket under a diffuser. The lampshade is made of hand-woven wires that curve upward from the narrow base to create a tartan pattern with light peeking through for a pleasant ambience. Design by Arik Levy.

While preserving the values of yesteryear, we must embrace those of tomorrow. The adventure that came from Bernard Forestiers passion for French gardens sprang from a topiary. His interest in beautiful things was matched only by his love of the materials he used. As a result of this creative spirit, botanical arts were introduced to the home, as well as the creation of woven metal wire items of new designs that always fused poetry with humor. The evolution of Forestier owes much to its quest for providing a delicate balance between nature and design, including the elegance of its pure styling and the preference for raw, authentic materials crafted by artisanal craftsmen. The company changed direction following the death of Bernard Forestier ten years after it was founded. During this time, the company focused increasingly on luxury and natural items, with increasingly sophisticated shapes and an increasing focus on lighting and color without sacrificing the distinctive quality in the craftsmanship. To forge the future without renouncing the past, to strengthen and solidify the brand’s identity and power while also charting new paths forward. With design, nature, and raw materials as its watchwords, Forestier reinvented itself as a creative, poetic brand.

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Safety Standards

CE, IP20




Arik Levy


Bulb Type


Bulb Power

15 Watts


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