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Amisol Pendant Light Disk 110CM Silver LUCEPLAN

4,218.00 AED

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Find out more about the huge silver Amisol suspension from the Italian house Luceplan!
Amisol is a large suspension that occupies a considerable physical space and can be rotated in space. Amisol, like a solar sail, unveils a powerful light source and projects a beam of light onto the large, light disc, both diffusing and reflecting the light.

The large Amisol suspension illuminates large spaces with elegance and modernity whether it is in a living room, dining room, office or even in an entrance hall.

Amisol consists of a 110cm disc. Thin rods connect the two main elements. By changing the length and connection points of the two support wires, the rotation of the disc can be set at any angle. The maximum height can reach 3m. The LED type source is not supplied with the luminaire, it diffuses a light of 3000 Kelvin and 3270 lumens.

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CE, IP20




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